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i want to be a MOD.
Reason: I am a very good person and not abusive,
i wanted to be a staff on a server for soo long hope this is approve that i could be a staff.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
I want to be a MOD.

Because i am on a lot, not abusive, i know how the server works, i am interactive with other people, i get alone with others really well, and i always have a positive attitude.
I want be a MOD
Because , play 10H / day mcpe and no like to play random server , play all day your server but yea is noob on your server but have 4 years experiance , and on 1 mounth"s is on top player"s , TOP #3 <3
Have 15 years and on later years have ranks on all servers , BrokenLens , Champions , LifeBoat , Hypixel ... <3
Hello my IGN is ItchyCalf449940, you guys already know me as in ive been playing on the server for quite awhile now, on my experiences of playing this server ive had alot of fun. The grind is there, while even keeping the nostalgic feel of “sky block” but yet in a way that most other bedrock skyblock servers dont have. I believe this server deserves more attention. But it also can be cunfusing to the average player. I think people that have played alot of skyblock or have played for while on the server should become helpers to show the little guys around in a sense that no one is left behind.
I would like to recieve the helper rank because its hard to help new people as in they only see me as another player, i dont hack i dont cheat, i dont scam, i always ask for help you can ask other mods and helpers. Im always active and finally the majority can agree that im a nice person. My contacts are on discord through the main chat, anyone can dm me there and id really appreciate it as id like to see this server grow and how you get the server to grow is through good reputation it would be helpful as in for me people would beable to get the help they need and i believe in a betterment (i guess you can say) server and i cant wait to here your reply

In regards, my real name is Brody,
Again my IGN is ItchyCalf449940
Thanks again for sticking through and listening to what i have to say.

This will be reposted on discord..
I want to be Helper, Mod, or admin.

Hello staff or owner I was hopeing I could become a staff memeber anything is ok I just wish to help the server out I'm 15 and have 650+ hours played and have had mod on one server in which was taken down I want to help remove the people that wish to make the server a worse place I hope u respond my discord username is cocatb and my IGN is aaaaaaaammmk THANK U:)